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Have A Say On Global Decisions In Proportion To How You Are Affected By Them

Gabriella Gómez-Mont
Artist and Director of City Laboratory, research-centre of Mexico City's government. Mexico.

Carne Ross
Writer and Diplomat. Author of "The Leaderless Revolution". U.K. / U.S.

Daniele Archibugi
Professor of Innovation and Governance at the University of London. Italy / U.K.

Smári McCarthy
Innovator. Co-founder Icelandic Digital Freedom Society. Iceland.

David Moore
Executive Director of Participatory Politics Foundation. U.S.

Ethan Zuckerman
Director Center for Civic Media, MIT. Co-founder Global Voices. U.S.

Carola Frediani
Journalist covering surveillance, privacy, hacktivism. Italy.

Douglas Rushkoff
Writer and Journalist. Author of "Open Source Democracy". U.S.

Simona Levi
Activist from the collettives Xnet, 15MpaRato and Partido X. Spain.

Michel Bauwens
Director and founder of the P2P Foundation. Belgium.

Jon Lebkowsky
Advocate a open Internet. Co-editor of "Extreme Democracy". U.S.

Oliver Ressler
Artist, author of "Alternative Economics, Alternative Societies", 2007. Austria

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