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Make New Rules For A New Democratic World

Press Material
- Press Release, Nov. 2014. PDF
- Theoretical Essay. 2014. PDF
- Artist's interview for Afterimage
 magazine, U.S. 2015

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- Organograms research PDF 53 pages

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- Downloadable Video Statements in one linerar video for offline screenings


Global Direct has been especially supported by DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague, for the exhibition Modes of Democracy in November 2014. Special thanks to the curator, Jaroslav Andel, for his precise and generous work. Global Direct is a 2014 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. for its Turbulence.org website. It was made possible with funding from the Jerome Foundation, now celebrating 50 years of the creative spirit of emerging artists. Global Direct has been supported by Lunatici Cultural A.P.S Association through the Municipality of Parma, Italy, for the exhibition Caratteri in November 2014. Special thanks to the curator Andrea Tinterri.

Paolo Cirio, artist who initiated the idea of Global Direct. He conducted the research, he created the diagrams and produced the video statements. He is responsible for designing the campaign and disseminating the posters.
Kyle Shybunko, Christine Chee, Rachel Uwa, Jan Sebek, Jesi Khadivi.
Susanne Jaschko, Jaroslav Andel, Andrea Tinterri.
David Moore, Carne Ross, Daniele Archibugi, Smári McCarthy, Jon Lebkowsky, Oliver Ressler, Carola Frediani, Simona Levi, Douglas Rushkoff, Ethan Zuckerman, Michel Bauwens, Francesca Bria.

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