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Solutions Rather Than Opposition

Propose a slogan for the Global Direct campaign

Slogans for Global Direct

Vote For Policies Not Politicians

Govern Your World Together With Everyone Else

What Affects All People Must Be Approved By All People

Will Of The People On A Global Scale

Global Social Movement For Collective Power

Pursuing Global Democratic Governance

Have A Say In Global Democracy Every Day

Your Personal Opinions Can Solve Global Issues

Have A Say On Global Decisions In Proportion To How You Are Affected By Them

Make New Rules For A New Democratic World

Don’t Feel Powerless, Decide On Your World

Transparency In Governance For Shared Accountability

Take A Stand On Global Democracy Every Day

Global Problems Have Global Solutions

Giving Citizens Full Agency To Control And Shape Government

Twenty-first Century Global Direct Democracy

Leaderless Global Movement For The Better

For A Transnational Direct Democracy Movement

Changing The Outdated Notion Of A Representative Democracy

Moving Away From Of Our Current Democratic Vacuum

Taking Decisions Based On Factual Information

True Democracy For The Interests Of A Planetary Society

Don’t Delegate Responsibility For Global Condition To Institutions

Discussing Problems, Creating Solutions

Democracy Needs A Non-hierarchical Network Of Free Information Flows

Billions Of People Concerned With A Broad Agenda Need To Work Together

Global Social Development, Environmentalism, Health And Human Rights

Taking Into Account The Needs And Dreams Of All 7 Billion People On The Planet

Instantaneous Mass Participation In Global Politics

The Responsibility For The World Lies In The Hands Of Each Of Us

World Order Begins At Home

Offering Visions And Strategies For Transforming Global Society

For A Future Participatory World Society

Decide On Global Issues Every Day

Solutions Rather Than Opposition

Modern Economy Is Global, You Have A Right To Have A Say

Mass Surveillance Is Against You, You Have A Right To Have A Say

Climate Change Affects Everyone Everywhere, You Have A Right To Have A Say

That Which Affects All People Must Be Approved By All People

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